Criminal Defense

Never underestimate the power and effect of criminal charges against you. Take immediate action to hire an experienced Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney to preserve your rights and help you fight against losing your freedom and jeopardizing your future.

Michael S. Connelly, P.A.

Make the first in a series of smart decisions by calling for legal representation in the Tampa, FL, region by calling Attorney Michael S. Connelly, P.A. When you are accused of a crime, it is time to take immediate steps for your defense. You need to understand this process, how to fight charges or to negotiate a plea agreement that is in your interest if you are guilty of a crime. Being accused and convicted will cause you endless troubles in the future. You may lose your freedom to time in jail or prison, be assessed high fees and penalties, and having a criminal record may cause you endless problems in the future when you look for work, a place to live, or if you wish to travel.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

People of all ages get accused of crimes, and there is high demand for the excellent qualities you find in Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Michael S. Connelly. Michael has worked with clients from nearby Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polk Counties, helping them get through a very confusing and intimidating judicial process. He understands that people do make mistakes, but going it alone against criminal charges is one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make. Even when you are at your lowest point, there is hope and what you do next makes all the difference.

Get Experienced Criminal Defense Legal Representation

At the Law Firm of Michael S. Connelly, P.A., we want to help you get past your difficulties and move forward to achieving success in your life. We offer honest advice you can trust, continual communication so you understand the legal processes you are going through, and we will stand up strong in your defense. We have an excellent track record of criminal defense success with clients, and we know all the current Florida laws and recent changes that might affect your case.

Don’t go it alone; make the smart decision to get legal representation from Michael S. Connelly, Tampa, FL. Call for your initial consultation today, at (813) 514-2943.